Missing PURSE-ons Report

Posted by  | August 31, 2010  at 4:02 PM  
As some of you may have seen via Facebook, a couple of weeks ago someone broke into my Mini Cooper, while I was running on the C&O Canal towpath, and stole my purse. Fortunately, I wasn't carrying all that much with me, but at the same time this experience has led to some rather annoying, frustrating, and almost amusing events; all of which have taught me some valuable lessons that I thought I'd share with my readers.

There are so many wonderful people in the Panhandle, that it's easy to let your guard down and forget about the bad guys. Sure, you read about crime in the newspaper, but it's nothing like what you hear about in the city, right? When I lived in DC, my mother was always convinced that I was one metro ride away from being mugged and left for dead in a gutter. But, my car wasn't broken into in the city--it happened at the Cushwa Basin in the nice, quiet town of Williamsport, MD.
Scene of the Crime

Generally when I go for a run, I have my dog carry a fanny-pack with my phone and whatnot, and I leave my purse at home. On this particular day, though, I needed to make a quick trip to the store, so I actually had my bag with me. I did everything that you're supposed to do: I parked in a well-populated, open area; I put my bag on the floor of the passenger side and shoved it under the glovebox (I don't have a trunk); I locked my car and made sure the sunroof was totally closed. Yeah, well, none of that mattered--they got away with my driver's license, debit card, camera, Smythson notebook, my makeup pouch that held my absolute favorite (not to mention essential) items, and about $10. Not gonna lie, the lost makeup may be the worst part.
As I made a list of the items I'd lost, I started to think about some of the things we ladies tend to tote around and how my losses could have been much, much worse. I mean how many times have you taken off a piece of jewelry and just tossed it in your bag? Which brings me to the top 3 things I learned from this incident:

1. Don't carry a lot of stuff in your purse: seriously, just stick to the essentials. In the case of a lost or stolen purse, you'll cut your losses, PLUS carrying a heavy handbag can be bad for your health.

2. Know your insurance policy: even if the bag is stolen from your car, the personal property claim probably falls under your homeowner's or renter's insurance, and if you have a high deductible for those policies, you're probably out of luck.

3. Have someone else drive you to the DMV if you need a new license: I promptly headed to the DMV the morning after the break-in, only to be pulled over by the police and given a warning for driving sans license. Yeah, I wasn't slightly hysterical or anything at that point.

If you have any tips, tricks, or cautionary tales feel free to leave a comment below!


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