Jala Yoga Classes at Mellow Moods

Posted by  | February 9, 2011  at 1:12 PM  

If you have that New Year’s resolution to try something new, get in shape, or find a way to clear your head Jala Yoga at Mellow Moods in Shepherdstown is the place to go. It is a completely safe environment for new-comers who may not have a lot of experience with yoga. In an hour and a half you will feel completely relaxed. Any worries or stressors that you may have had before will be completely left behind after the hour and a half class. The classes are held above Mellow Moods in a beautiful antique room.

If being a newcomer to the practice of Yoga is something that worries you; worry no more. Learned from personal experience Free Yoga with Peter Yates is a great way to ease into the exercises of yoga. Peter is very good at explaining you through every stretch. You don’t have to worry about looking around the room trying to figure out what it is that you should be doing. Just by listening you won’t have to second guess yourself. If you want to refresh after class, I highly recommend the Pink Sun drink from the juice bar downstairs. If you are looking to try something different ask for a shot of Spirulina for an extra boost of energy.

Class Schedule as of February 9, 2011
Sunday 9-10:30 AM : Vinyasa Yoga with Phil Mastrangelo
Monday 6:30-7:45 PM: Jivamukti Yoga with Soozie Kinstler
Tuesday 4-5:15 PM: Power Vinyasa with Mia Hamza 
Tuesday 6-7:00 PM : Pay-what-you-can Yoga with Peter Yates
Wednesday 6-7:30 PM : Heated Vinyasa Yoga with Christa Mastrangelo
Thursday 12-1 PM: Vinyasa Flow with Soozie Kinstler
Thursday 7-8:15PM: Heated Vinyasa with Gena Rockwell
Friday 6-7:15 PM: Pay-What-You-Can Heated Vinyasa Yoga (w/ Phil or Christa)
Saturday 12-1:15 PM: Power Vinyasa with Mia Hamza

There is a $15 drop in rate, or a $10 student drop in rate. If you purchase five or more classes it is $10 per class. If you purchase twenty or more classes it is $8 per class.


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