Spring Cleaning at Pretty in the Panhandle

Posted by  | April 5, 2011  at 3:56 PM  

I've recently made a few tweaks to the website--here's what's new!

Format: I swapped over to a 3-column layout, which will allow for future *fingers crossed* advertising space (more on that later).

Quote Box: Every month or so at the top of the left-hand column I'll be posting some of my favorite quotes. I'm always looking for reader input, so if there's a quote you love, that you think fits the tone of the website, send me an email.

Filed Under: I started the website with Pretty People; Pretty Places; Pretty Things; and Look, Feel, Stay Pretty. Shortly after launching the site I added Pretty Tasty and Pretty Pets. Most recently I've added the Pretty Cultural category to cover the local art, music, and theatre scene--there are many talented individuals in the area, and I figured they needed there own section.

Social Media: Facebook, FourSquareTumblr, Twitter--I love them all and often provide short, sweet updates via those channels, especially on the Pretty in the Panhandle Facebook Page. I have also noticed within the past few months that a lot more people in the Panhandle have started utilizing the Tips & Specials feature on Foursquare. I hope to do a roundup this summer on which local business are using this avenue for secret sales, so keep your eyes and ears open and send me an email with your favorite Foursquare find.

Advertising: If you or someone you know is interested in advertising on Pretty in the Panhandle please email me for details.

and last, but certainly not least, presenting *drumroll*

Pretty Picks: You'll notice a new tab at the top of the page called "Pretty Picks" that will then direct you to a Tumblr page. I've created this page to showcase and share some of the things I love, that inspire me, or that just make me smile.


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