Lotus Skincare & Wellness of Shepherdstown

Posted by  | August 19, 2011  at 6:21 PM  

"At Lotus, our main focus is on organic skincare and wellness and restoring harmony between your inner and outer health. Experience true relaxation and healing through Ayurvedic techniques, essential oils, and pure organic ingredients. Enjoy complimentary herbal teas including our Lotus Signature Blend with your treatments."
Located upstairs at 121 West German Street, in Shepherdstown, WV, Lotus Skincare & Wellness offers a variety of treatments from facials to massages to makeup application. Licensed estetichians Chrissy Lewin (proprietor) and Chelsea Eyler live up to their mission statement from the moment you enter the spa and are offered a cup of their signature herbal tea.
Whether pre or post treatment, clients are encouraged to take time and enjoy the full relaxation of the spa experience. If it's a pretty day, take your tea outside on their beautiful balcony where you'll be surrounded by lovely flowers and aromatic herbs--similar to those used during your treatment.
For my first visit to Lotus, I received the Rejuvenating Facial which promised to "reveal toned, glowing, and revitalized skin with the help of the finest organic ingredients" --I'll take all three please! Between sun, gardening grime, and life's daily stresses, my skin has been less than fabulous this summer. Let's just say the closest my skin has come to glowing is when I'm sweating (girls don't sweat, they glow!).
Sixty incredibly relaxing minutes later, Chrissy was through with the treatment and my skin looked fresh, revitalized, and I do believe I even saw a glow!
Confession: Prior to my visit to Lotus, the closest I'd come to a facial was sitting around with my girlfriends sporting some green goop on my face and cucumber slices on my eyes. For someone who loves any form of pampering, I have no clue how I managed to miss out on what just might be my new favorite spa treatment.
Whether it's you're 50th facial or your first, like me, the ladies at Lotus will put you at ease from the moment you set foot on their lovely antique hardwood floors. Even as a newbie, there was not one moment when I felt awkward or unsure of what I should be doing. Relaxing is not something I do very often (I'm that girl in Yoga class who gets fidgety during Corpse Pose), but a facial with Chrissy certainly seemed to do the trick! The sixty minutes flew by, and I left feeling like a new, glowing gal.

I still can't quite believe I waited 28 years to get a facial, but I can promise you I won't wait that long 'til my next one!

Lotus Skincare & Wellness
121West German Street
Shepherdstown, WV
Mon 3:30-8
Tue-Fri 10-8
Sat & Sun 10-5

P.S. Be sure to checkout the Everyday Wellness tab on the website for tasty, healthy recipes! 


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