The Vintage Lady of Harpers Ferry

Posted by  | November 23, 2011  at 11:13 AM  

What started with some vintage button broaches, is now a fun, fabulous shopping destination located in the heart of historic Harpers Ferry, WV--The Vintage Lady.
Featuring artisan made accessories, an entire section of West Virginia-made products, and even a toy section with lots of fun things for the youngsters (and the not-so-youngsters), The Vintage Lady has a little something for everyone.
When you visit the shop be sure to check out The Vintage Lady originals including the VL broaches that started it all and the Inspiration Necklaces which come equipped with some wee words of wisdom. Hurting your pretty little head over trying to find a gal a great gift? Be sure and check out the VL birthstone pieces that are not only super snazzy, but perfectly priced for stuffing stockings.


Not planning a trip to Harpers Ferry anytime soon? Don't fret, The Vintage Lady offers online shopping with free shipping on purchases over $50. However, if you are local, be sure to drop by The Vintage Lady on Small Business Saturday: cookies will be served throughout the day, and the first 30 customers will receive a special gift with purchases of $10 or more!

The Vintage Lady
180 High Street
Harpers Ferry, WV  25425

For more pictures from my visit to The Vintage Lady, visit Pretty in the Panhandle on Facebook:


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