Rumsey Rock Porter Release Party at The Blue Moon--Celebrating Shepherdstown's New Brew

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Tuesday, January 24, Mountain State Brewing Company released Shepherdstown's very own brew: Rumsey Rock Porter. To celebrate the release of their newest concoction, guests were invited to The Blue Moon, in Shepherdstown, WV, to sample some of the brew while listening to the sounds of The Speakeasy Boys.
Paying homage to Shepherdstown native, leader in engineering innovation, and beer lover, James Rumsey, the Rumsey Rock Porter is a dark beer that is big on flavor, but not so big it weighs you down. You will find this to be a very drinkable brew, even if darker beers aren't normally your frosty beverage of choice. This drink is part of a series of exclusive Shepherdstown 250 drinks that you'll see popping up around town over the next several months.
Being greeted with a beverage is the best way to be welcomed to any party--it's even better when you get to keep the souvenir sampling glass and you discover that the "tastes" are actually bottomless pints. Pair those pints with a little pickin' and a lot of people, and you have one terrific way to top off a Tuesday.
To sample some Rumsey Rock Porter, be sure to visit The Blue Moon, located at the corner of Princess and High Street in Shepherdstown, WV.

Nina & Ed Arnett
(namers of the Rumsey Rock Porter)

Daniel King and Jason Martin

Laya Cunningham and Laura Bray

The Speakeasy Boys

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Road Trip: Mockingbird Artisan Fare and Root Music

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Food, music, passion--the folks at Mockingbird in Staunton, VA, know their business and excel at what they do, namely good tunes and tasty food.

Located less than two hours south of the Eastern Panhandle in historic Staunton, Virginia, Mockingbird makes for a perfect weekend away. The dining alone is worth the drive. You'll find a variety of reasonably priced samplings from burgers to beet risotto and everything in between. I highly recommend the beet risotto, though: beets, spinach, chevre, and it's PINK!

Now that you're drooling let's discuss why you really came to Staunton--the music. Mockingbird's calendar is consistently filled with great musical talent such as Clair Lynch, Larry Keel, and Ketch & Critter from Old Crow Medicine Show to name a few. Mockingbird is a very intimate space with limited seating (this is a good, no great, no awesome thing!), so act quickly to snag your tickets. When making your ticket purchases, you'll be asked if you want dinner reservations. You do. As if you weren't tempted by the menu already, your dining table will also be your seat for the show, so the faster you make dinner reservations, the better your placement to harass the banjo player.

Not that I'd ever do that... ;) 
123 West Beverly Street
Staunton, VA 

***While Staunton is close enough for a quick up and back jaunt, chances are you've had some beverages with your bluegrass and have no business going anywhere. I highly, highly, recommend booking a room at The Stonewall Jackson Hotel. Not only is it swanky, spotless, and reasonable, it's also only three blocks from Mockingbird. You may have to walk a few hills, but as long as you don't slip on some ice (oops), you should have no problems negotiating your way back to your super comfy hotel bed in one piece.***

Art of Calligraphy at Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

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When I was wee, I wanted nothing more than to learn to write in cursive--it was pretty and flowy, not boring like plain old print. That thrill was short-lived, though, as I moved upward in my studies, my handwriting took a drastic turn downward. Mere cursive seemed so commonplace, but calligraphy, now that was a penmanship sure to impress. I learned calligraphy in fourth grade, and to this day, I still put those skills to use. Calligraphy is perfect for penning place cards, thank you notes, or perhaps helping a dear friend with her wedding invites.

For those looking to pretty up their penmanship, The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, will be hosting an Art of Calligraphy Class on Saturday, February 4, from 10AM to Noon.
 Learn the basics of calligraphy in this hands-on workshop for adults (ages 16+) led by professional calligrapher and handwriting advocate Lance Pearce. Lance will demonstrate the basic setups, materials, and instruments used in calligraphy and then participants will practice using various styles of alphabets. Lance will also discuss ways to use calligraphy in everyday tasks and provide a bibliography and list of resources so participants may continue their practice at home.
Cost for the class is $12 (or $10 if you're a MSV member). You must register by February 1, and spaces are very limited, so sign up (pun intended) today by calling 540.662.1473, extension 209 or emailing

Art of Calligraphy

Saturday, February 4, 2012
10AM to Noon

Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
901 Amherst Street
Winchester, VA 22601


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Posh Pets Boutique of Winchester

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McQueen, McCartney, Louboutin--canines love their couture, and wouldn't you rather they fetch a plush pump rather than chew on your favorite Choos? Posh Pets Boutique of Winchester, VA, has everything a pampered pups or fabulous feline could ever bark (or meow) for and more.

From frou frou frocks to top-tier pet food, Posh Pets has a great selection of things you need, want, or want to need. There are also plenty of "treats" for your less furry two-legged friends: you'll find plenty of gifts for the pet-lover on your list and probably several things for your own wishlist.
In addition to offering a wide array of toys, accessories, treats, and every day eats, Posh Pets also offers the following services:

- Pet Grooming: right now your pooch must be under 30lbs, but don't fret, they'll be ready to big dogs soon!

- Pet Photography: the official Posh Photog can either do home sittings or their's a small studio in their upstairs loft.  Various pacakages will be offered for pups and budgets of all sizes.

-Pet Parties!!!: Starting this month, Posh Pets is offering themed party packages, so you can help your pup celebrate in stlye--think birthdays, obedience school graduation, or maybe just a girl's night out ;)

Posh Pets (and their people) also love to party, so be sure to "Like" them on Facebook and keep your nose to the ground for upcoming events--like their February Fashion Show on February 3 and their 1st Annual Masquerade Ball & Silent Auction on March 3--that are sure to be a tail-waggin' good time.

Posh Pet's Boutique
16 S. Loudon Street
Winchester, VA 22601

LIVE La Vida LOCAL in 2012

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Dear Readers,

As we launch ourselves into 2012 with promises to be fitter, happier, more productive,* I challenge you to look at the Panhandle as more than just a mailing address, but as your home. 

Although I grew up here, when I moved back to WV from DC in 2009, I realized that I knew nothing about the area. Pretty in the Panhandle started as an outlet for me to discover what my new home had to offer, but I never dreamed that almost two years later, I would still be discovering new places, meeting new people, and sharing experiences that could only happen here. With each new blog post, I've come to realize that I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I write this blog because I love this area, and I want others to see the potential that lies within the Panhandle. If you're reading this, chances are I'm preaching to the choir. A community is only as strong as the people who live there and choose to invest themselves in making it a great place to live. So as we go into 2012, I ask you, your family, and your friends to make the effort and invest in the Eastern Panhandle--here's what you can do to start:

Eat LOCAL Foods: From produce to meat to dairy, we have an abundance of locally sourced foods right at our fingertips. My friends from other cities and states are amazed at how easy it is for me to acquire everything from goat cheeses to Wagyu beef to arugula all from farms less than 30 miles from my back door.

If cooking isn't your thing, I beg of you: please, pretty please, make the effort to dine at an independently owned eatery (bonus points if they serve local food). So help me, if I have to read one more "best of" list that includes major chain restaurants...

Shop at Small LOCAL Businesses: Sure, there are some things you can't buy locally, but how often do you even try? Next time you need to make a purchase, hold off on running to a big box store for a quick fix. Do some research, ask around, EMAIL ME--at least try and find whatever it is you're looking for locally instead of being quite so lazy.

Explore the LOCAL Music and Arts Scene: If I had one dollar for ever time I heard the phrase "there's just nothing to do around here," I could quit my day-job and spend my time blogging. I don't know what people are looking for, but most of the time I find myself torn choosing which events to cover, because they all sound amazing! Some of my favorite musical performances have been in the Eastern Panhandle, not to mention the abundance of art shows and theatre productions throughout the year.

Support LOCAL Charities: I'm not saying to not support other causes, I'm simply stating that there is a of need in the Eastern Panhandle, and that we need to take care of our own, be they the sick, the elderly, the young, or the furry. Supporting a charity can happen on many levels, so before you dismiss this point, take a minute and think about what you can do to help. Have time? Volunteer. Have Money? Donate. Or maybe you just want to have fun? Attend a fundraiser! Supporting a good cause can be as simple as sipping a cocktail, and besides, you were bored, weren't you?

*Thanks Radiohead