Sokel MakeUp Classes

Posted by  | February 26, 2012  at 10:41 PM  

Every morning I wake up and have the same make-up routine. Come to find out there are other things that can be done to jazz up any woman's typical routine! Sokel MakeUp & Skin Care in Charles Town, WV, is offering classes on select dates for those women who are stuck in that same old routine and wish to make things exciting!

Things that will be covered:
Basic skin care
What is foundation primer and why and when should I use it.
Foundations: Different types, how to match your skin and what is right for you.
Eye brows: How to measure and shape your brows and just how important they really are.
Eye liner: Different types and how to apply them and a trick to make it really easy to apply liner.
Eye shadow: 101, basic how to apply up to three colors and ways to go from day to evening.
Cheeks: Different types and how and where on your face to apply.
Lips: Trick to make that upper lip appear larger.
Brushes: What brushes are used for what, how and when to clean your brushes.
Additionally, the class will feature a chat on how long to keep your makeup--most items do have an expiration date!

Sokel Makeup Classes

February 27
March 12
March 16
Pre-Prom makeup class for teens April 23

Class begins at 6:30 and lasts 2-3 hours

123 N. Charles Street, Charles Town, WV 25414

$$ 25
Bring any make up you have! Along with all of your brushes and sponges. However, if you are running low there will be supplies at the classes.


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