Shepherdstown Rotary Remembers 25 Years of "Service Above Self"

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Friday, June 8, The Rotary Club of Shepherdstown celebrated 25 years of serving the local community with a black tie dinner at The Bavarian Inn. This was an especially fitting venue as The Bavarian was the site of the very first Rotary meeting in 1987.

The evening kicked off with the pledge, a prayer, and tales of an infamous plaid sports coat, which left the crowd still chuckling even as dinner was being served. For the first course of the dinner, guests enjoyed a fresh field green salad tossed with apples & walnuts, and drizzled with a plum balsamic vinaigrette. The featured entree for the evening was beef brisket with a fig & onion confit that was so tender if flaked onto your fork and melted in your mouth. Paired with the brisket were roasted potatoes and neatly bundled batch of crisp haricot verts. Complimenting the savory, yet sweet combinations of the evening, dessert was a ginger maple crème brûlée that was just sweet enough, but with a hefty dose of fresh ginger to give it a just a little kick.

It was a night of recalling fond memories, proud moments, and remembering those who had passed. From the Rotary's newest (or future) additions, to those that were there for that very first breakfast meeting, all members shared an overwhelming sense of pride for not only what they've accomplished in the past quarter century, but what they hope to achieve in the next 25 years and beyond. For more information on The Shepherdstown Rotary visit:

More pictures from the Shepherdstown Rotary 25th Anniversary Dinner after the break....

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