Fashion Mission: Georgetown Fashions Night Out

Posted by  | September 11, 2012  at 10:08 PM  

After a long awaited 3 years I was finally able to make it to Fashions Night Out. I may not have been able to make it to New York's version of this event, however, DC is definitely the next best thing.

DC's Fashion's Night Out was hosted in the historic town of Georgetown.  Shop after shop there was a wonderful surprise at every turn. Madewell hosted a braid bar for Fashion's Night Out participants. DC's Brightest Young Things hosted a marvelous event that made even a regular Joe Smoe feel like the king of kings. With champagne, mini cupcakes, photo booth, makeup bar, and red carpet it was truly a fashionista's dream.

Each store participated in their own way. JCrew sold Fashion's Night Out exclusive attire which went toward the New York City AIDS fund. Anthropologie and Madewell had a high class wine and champagne bar for store attendee's. These stores are only a small example of this fantastic event.

This event was a dream come true for a fashionista like myself. So, for all you other fashionista's out there, make sure you attend next year's Fashion's Night Out so you can experience this wonderful fashion soiree.