Watermelon Park Fest: Del, Dancing, and Thousands of Dollars in Cash and Prizes for Talented Types

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Watermelon Park, June 2012
September 20-22, will be my very first outing to what many seasoned festival-goers have told me is one of the best music festivals on the East Coast--Watermelon Park Fest! Held at Watermelon Park Campground in Berryville, VA, this fest is close enough for a day trip OR (as is more likely to happen) close enough to run home and grab your camping gear when you realize you need to stay the entire weekend. :)

Some musical highlights on this year's lineup? Dirty Bourbon River Show, Acoustic Burgoo, The Woodshedders, Furnace Mountain, The Hot Seats, and Larry Keel to name a few. Oh and did I mention DEL MCCOURY?! This will be Del's only show in the great state of Virginia, so Saturday night "The Melon" is definitely THE place to party.

Speaking of parties, if you look on the official sched you'll notice there's the Sunspot Dance Tent. From what I've heard, you best bring your boogie shoes and prepare for the Watermelon Workout. People at The Melon love to dance and rumor has it that jitterbug is contagious!

For those of you looking to showcase your own musical talents at The Melon, you have the chance to wine some pretty choice prizes! Winnings include a $5,000 mandolin and up to $1,000 cash, so I'd advise you start practicing like your 3rd grade piano teacher is waiting to whack you with her metronome. More info on the contests and entry details are available HERE.

Tickets for this festival range from $40 - $80. Camping is FREE for the weekend (bring your quarters for showers), and youngsters 12 and under are free as well. Tickets for Saturday are almost SOLD OUT, so don't wait around to snag your passes! For more information on ticket packages and links to buy them online, click HERE.

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Watermelon Park Fest
September 20-22
Watermelon Park Campground
3322 Lockes Mill Road
Berryville, VA  22611
$40 - Thursday or Friday 1 Day Pass
$50 - Saturday 1 Day Pass
$80 - Weekend Pass

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