Final Cut Steakhouse at Hollywood Casino, Charles Town

Posted by  | December 20, 2013  at 12:18 PM  

Saturday evening, en route to The Nutcracker, my date and I ventured out into what had become a Wild, Wonderful, winter wonderland, to drop by Final Cut Steakhouse for some festive holiday cocktails and overly indulgent appetizers.

Final Cut is located on the main floor of Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, WV; this steakhouse is heralded as one of the standout dining destinations in the tri-state area, and this accolade is reflected as the restaurant is set on somewhat of a pedestal within the casino. However, like 9 Dragons, once you're in the restaurant, the chaos of the casino disappears and allows you to enjoy an intimate dining experience prior to testing your relationship with Miss Lady Luck.

When the weather outside is frightful, I find martinis most delightful for warming oneself from the inside out. After perusing the cocktail menu (otherwise known as playing around on the iPad that's placed on every table), we selected and sipped the Peppermint Patty and the Pumpkin Manhattan. The Peppermint Patty consists of peppermint and white chocolate liquors, a generous dollop of whipped cream, and a drizzle of chocolate. After one sip, you most definitely "get the sensation" -- this drink is liquid candy served straight up. Traditional Manhattans can be a tad too manly for many; however, the Pumpkin Manhattan (spiced whiskey, liquor 43, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon cream) mixes things up to give you a cocktail that's sippably sweet with just a nip of whiskey that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, as you go "mmmmmm that's tasty!"

The decadent nature of our drinks definitely left us with a "we ate dessert first" feeling (which is never a bad thing), but that really just prepped our palettes for some savory eats. The new Prime Steak & Egg appetizer was a must-try, and then our waiter recommend we try the Cobb Salad, as Final Cut's Cobb is a far cry from what you'd find at your corner deli! Both plates were not only mouth-watering, but the presentation alone was enough to have you drooling like an English bulldog. For the Steak & Egg appetizer, we ordered the steak medium rare. The steak was so tender you hardly needed your pearl-handled steak knife, and while the inner part of the meat melted in your mouth, the outside had a slightly salted crust to give you just the perfect amount of crunch. The potato & egg tower, which the boy referred to as a castle, was quite the royal treat, but the castle quickly came tumbling down when I poked the perfectly poached egg with a forkful of potato. After obliterating the kingdom of hash, it was time to tackle our Cobb "Salad" -- I put salad in quotes, as this Cobb was anything but a bowl of lackluster lettuce. What arrived at our table, looked almost like a prosciutto-wrapped yule log with bits of green popping out the ends. Stuffed with lettuce, blue cheese, red onion, and ham, our stick of salad was then topped with buttermilk garlic dressing, and accompanied by chopped tomatoes, more blue cheese, and a hard-boiled quail egg. This is definitely not a dieters delight, but the unique presentation, paired with high-end ingredients, make this "salad" something you'll want to order, even after that New Year's resolution to eat healthy ;)

Thanks to the generous people at Hollywood Casino, that night, as we settled our brains for a long winters nap, it was visions of steaks, not sugar plums, dancing in our heads.

If you're planning a visit to Final Cut, price points for dinner tend to fall into the "special occasion" category. However, if you're looking for all the fancy flavor on a post-holiday budget, just head to the bar! At the bar, you'll find plenty of tasty treats for under $20 and if you're there between 5PM and 7PM, cocktails are 1/2 priced!

750 Hollywood Drive
Charles Town, WV 25414